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January 9 | 6:32PM

There is nothing like riding a bicycle in childhood, feeling the wind run through your hair and the strain of your leg muscles as you pedal…feeling that independence as you leave the security of training wheels behind you


January 7 | 11:17am

I’m so glad I was able to capture this today because normally miss 4.5 is a scribbler, she likes the pictures but she was never able to purposely colour in a particular object.

Today was different, she actually made an effort of colouring in the Christmas tree in one of the colouring books that she got as a gift this year and I am really proud that she has made that progress rather than just the long scribbling lines that would normally spread across the page.

Milestones can be so wondrous!


January 6 | 12:32pm

I saw the below quote and I think it suits my little miss to a tee. She LOVES fairies and all things princess like…especially when it comes to books and fairytales. Her current favourite is Tangled (or in other words Rapunzel) as well as Tinkebell and the Pixie Hollow faires.

“I fancy that at the beginning some fairy may have offered me the choice between great power and station and the privilege of living always among books, and that I, like the good child in the fairy tale, chose the latter.” ~James L. Whitney, “Reminiscences of an Old Librarian,” November 1909 [Whitney credits the idea for his statement to Andrew Lang’s “Ballade of the Bookworm.” —tεᖇᖇ¡·g


January 5 | 5:55pm

My middle son, I call him my little scholar…my deeper thinker, always wondering how the world works and dreaming big. He asks the deep questions that sometimes I don’t even have the answer for, so when I don’t have the answers, we search them and learn together, sometimes he is my teacher.