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January 23 | 6:44pm

My cheeky monkeys with their Dad.

January for us is jam packed with birthdays with both families and friends and today is hubbies birthday which we had a bit of a gathering for. The kids were happy to sing Happy Birthday to their Dad and then get to bite into this tasty cake made by my Sister in Law (over at Tracy’s Sensational Cakes ). Now if you can’t tell what this cake is then you can’t be old enough…psssst it’s a Rubik Cube!


January 22 | 5:25pm

I have to say that Tramp has one of the most expressive dog faces I have ever seen. His chocolate brown eyes melt into you and that one raised eyebrow makes me smile. They say looking into your dogs eyes are good for you and I have to say it makes me happy to do so. Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking….to know what goes on in that beautiful puppy dog head of his.


January 21 | 12:59pm

The hard life of being almost 12 and learning responsibility. He wanted to earn some pocket money so we gave him some chores to do. He tried his hardest at mowing, just needed to use that bit of muscle…21

January 20 | 5:16pm

The relationship that Tramp and Tristan have is something special indeed. Tramp can be quiet and calm just when Tristan needs it or can be energictic and robust when Tristan wants to play with him. Tramp is the calm to the sometimes turmoil that the anxiety brings out in Tristan.

Tramp is Tristan’s Autism companion dog as I have most likely mentioned in other posts on this page. You can read about our Autism journey at Tramp the amazing dog and our Autism journey and he is one of the dogs from the organisation called Labs ‘n Life.


January 19 | 2:09pm

Another moment captured whilst still not technically correct, I love the relationship that Katsuma has with her human master. Katsuma we found when she was abandoned as a tiny 4 weeks old. We took her in and she took an instant liking to master 8 and the feeling was mutual! Katsuma hides when it comes to the rest of us but she loves Ethan and will come and give a head bop to say her hello to him.

Katsuma became my muse and in a way features somewhat in my novel “The Cat and her Mistress”…at times she reminds me of a tiger and I call her tiger eyes.