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Gosh where to start, mother’s day to me doesn’t mean getting gifts on one day of the year or that we should feel appreciated for just that one day. To me it’s celebrating all that my children are and what they are becoming. Every choice I make affects them in their day to day lives and in their future but I wouldn’t be who I am without them, they complete me and who I am but I will also be just me as well as “mum” to them. This morning I was greeted with smiles as they all presented me with their home made gifts that I will treasure more than any store bought gift could do, those memories of them looking up at me expectantly to see the pleasure of seeing them with their gifts ready floods my face mean so much more then the fluffy dressing gown I had also received.

The birth of my first child (now 12) had not just his birth day but it was also the birth of myself becoming a mother for the first time and each time I had a child (three over all, now 12, 9 and 5) was like giving birth for the very first time as I learnt to become a mum of one child, then two and last but not least three. Three children that are so different from each other, different personalities and different ways of seeing things.  As I celebrate each of firsts of each child I will continue each day to celebrate being a mother to watch them grow and start to become independent of me, to me this is not something to be sad of (letting go of them as they gain that little more of independence each day) but to watch in proudness as they learn to make their own choices and that I have helped them to become the people they strive to be.


I have been thinking about what to write here because as some of my readers may know April is Autism Awareness Month although I prefer to refer to it as ACCEPTANCE month instead and I’m sure that a lot of other people do too! Awareness can only do so much and whilst people can be aware of things but it doesn’t mean that they truly understand or accept them.

I have learnt so much since my own son’s diagnoses 5 years ago, first as a parent and then from someone on the spectrum after receiving my own diagnoses as being on the spectrum. There is so much more than I had ever thought of and seeing it from the other side, I can see why some of the articles and images shared during April can be hurtful to those that are on the spectrum (myself included).

I’m not a fan of the Light it up Blue campaign and certainly don’t agree with the methods used to “Light it up Blue”, you can read a link here that will explain some of the whys: and this is a good post about how to support people who are Autistic during April:

I believe in neurodiversity and acceptance and below is a link that I think will be helpful to my readers who wish to share and spread the word of acceptance but I do ask that you please think about what you are sharing because you never know who it may hurt on the other side of the screen and if we truly want acceptance and understanding then we should all listen to all the autistic voices out there because aren’t we the very reason reason for Autism acceptance month?

If you are wanting to share some articles then this blogsite here is a fantastic place to start:

All the best
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From Wikipedia :  The rainbow-colored infinity symbol represents the diversity of the autism spectrum as well as the greater neurodiversity movement. Many autistic people prefer this symbol over any puzzle-piece based ones.

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  • Ave M Guenthner - Dearest Philly,
    I needed to share your post about autism & not going blue. I am somewhere on the spectrum, as is my son, Jordan. I am very grateful for your words; Acceptance is a strong positive way to look/feel about diveristy
    Thank you for being YOU.
    love/light, avesiReplyCancel

    • Pippa.K - Hi Avesi, thank you for your kind words! Please feel free to share far and wide, you have my blessing! ~ PhillyReplyCancel

January 31 | 4:22pm

Well we made it! January 31st and we are at the end of my personal project of taking a photo a day for all of January. I hope you didn’t mind all the photos and it was nice to pick up my big SLR again after having closed my photography business mid last year.

Here is my eldest with his Team Fortress 2 themed cake and his younger brother as we had family over to celebrate his birthday. He said it was the best birthday cake ever!


January 30 | 5:05pm

It’s getting to that time again where school is due back soon. I like to do a mass bake off just before school goes back so that I have tasty treats to send in the kids lunchboxes but now I have all three to bake for so it meant making even more this year.

So we have on the list

ANZAC biscuits
Mini Pan quiches
vegemite & cheese scrolls
chocolate spread scrolls
“Raw” Cookie Dough Balls
Lunchbox Pikelets
Sugar free, nut free, egg free and dairy free oat balls.

I also have on the list still to do is Lasagna cupcakes but going to take a much needed break!


January 29 | 8:22pm

Master T turned 12 today and he was mightily impressed with his day – In his words “it’s the best day EVER”. Here he is with a wrist watch type thing that he got with his Xbox game that he loves. We plan to celebrate with cake on Sunday before school heads back for the year.