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All jokes aside (I can dream about a hoverboard though, right?) I thought I’d start the new year by saying hello and welcome to 2015! I hope everyone is surviving the heat we have had today here in Adelaide (44 degrees!).

I haven’t managed to get much writing done in the past few weeks, it’s hard to fit it within the kids activities and school holiday’s but that’s not to say that it hasn’t always been on my mind. Lots of plot twists and turns constantly flurry around in my head (I think it must get pretty busy in there). My characters are always with me as well, I’m always thinking about them and the type of journey I want them to travel. Not just a journey that takes them from place to place but their own personal and emotional journey as well. How will they grow to be the characters they are today?

Writing stories has always been a part of me but so has reading and I have been enjoying quite a few books of late. My current favourite  is by Richelle Mead who wrote the Vampire Academy series. I’m now onto the Bloodlines series and really enjoying it, so much so that sometimes I don’t get to bed until about 2am…oops! I just can’t help it when I get into a really good book. I’m sure there are plenty of book readers out there that would understand this…and like me regret it the next morning as well!

Are there any Labyrinth  fans out there? The movie Labyrinth was always a childhood favourite for me and who can resist David Bowie in tights (I think that came as I grow into adulthood though hehe). It has always been a classic for me (along with The Neverending Story)  but how excited was I when I found out the other day that there was Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Novelization back in print.


Of course I had to purchase it straight away and I am now eagerly awaiting my copy, I will let you know my thoughts once it has arrived and I have had a chance to read it.

I don’t see  see much of The cat and her Mistress being written until the start of February (once school goes back and I can concentrate better) but I can’t say I will be stopping my late night reading for the time being, hey I need to keep the creative juices flowing right?

Oh and  if you are on Goodreads then head on over and you can find my author page at this link HERE or if on facebook then I have a page HERE. These pages are a great way to keep in touch with me (and vice versus) and to keep updated on the progress of The car and her Mistress.

I look forward to following this journey into 2015 with you and please don’t forget to say hi as I love to know who is reading!


Pippa.K (Philly)