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Learning is never done

Today I’ve had a very informative day at the Getting in Shape Online for Authors workshop which was run by the SA Writers Centre. It was a long day but a good one!

Hopefully, I will be able to put what I have learnt to good use and can make this site and my Pippa.K – Author Facebook page work well in the online world.

Later this month, during the Salisbury Writers’ Festival I’ll be attending another workshop called “Working with an Editor with Sam Cooney”. I look forward to hearing about how editors function and hope this will help me to vastly improve how I work as a writer.

With this workshop, I’m hoping it will help me to understand the process of editing better as I complete my manuscript.  I’m well aware of the importance of having an editor and I want the “The Cat and her Mistress” to be the best it can be and want the process to be smooth as I ready it for publication.

Onto other news, I recently entered some images of mine into Aspire to Inspire “Colours Of My World” art exhibition and they will be holding an art exhibition as titled  “Colours Of My World” which will include all different themed pieces of visual and literary works from the Autism community. There will be special guests Tim & Judy Sharp there who will be presenting Tim’s work and opening the celebrations with a talk about their personal journey to success.

The images I have entered:

You may have seen this one previously, titled as “Children’s laughter colours my world.”


Titled “Dreaming in Pastels”

Titled: Hazey & beautiful

Titled: Puppy dreams come in colour

And finally, titled: Rainbow of colour.

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