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January 26 | 5:40pm

I can’t believe this lad of mine is turning 12 this week AND starting into year 6! He has grown so much between birthdays and I can’t stoked with what a lovely young man he is turning out to be.

We have our ups and downs as all families do but we get get through it and I’m just lucky that he still enjoys his cuddles to keep us going on.

Very proud of you son!


January 23 | 6:44pm

My cheeky monkeys with their Dad.

January for us is jam packed with birthdays with both families and friends and today is hubbies birthday which we had a bit of a gathering for. The kids were happy to sing Happy Birthday to their Dad and then get to bite into this tasty cake made by my Sister in Law (over at Tracy’s Sensational Cakes ). Now if you can’t tell what this cake is then you can’t be old enough…psssst it’s a Rubik Cube!


January 22 | 5:25pm

I have to say that Tramp has one of the most expressive dog faces I have ever seen. His chocolate brown eyes melt into you and that one raised eyebrow makes me smile. They say looking into your dogs eyes are good for you and I have to say it makes me happy to do so. Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking….to know what goes on in that beautiful puppy dog head of his.