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January 31 | 4:22pm

Well we made it! January 31st and we are at the end of my personal project of taking a photo a day for all of January. I hope you didn’t mind all the photos and it was nice to pick up my big SLR again after having closed my photography business mid last year.

Here is my eldest with his Team Fortress 2 themed cake and his younger brother as we had family over to celebrate his birthday. He said it was the best birthday cake ever!


January 30 | 5:05pm

It’s getting to that time again where school is due back soon. I like to do a mass bake off just before school goes back so that I have tasty treats to send in the kids lunchboxes but now I have all three to bake for so it meant making even more this year.

So we have on the list

ANZAC biscuits
Mini Pan quiches
vegemite & cheese scrolls
chocolate spread scrolls
“Raw” Cookie Dough Balls
Lunchbox Pikelets
Sugar free, nut free, egg free and dairy free oat balls.

I also have on the list still to do is Lasagna cupcakes but going to take a much needed break!


January 29 | 8:22pm

Master T turned 12 today and he was mightily impressed with his day – In his words “it’s the best day EVER”. Here he is with a wrist watch type thing that he got with his Xbox game that he loves. We plan to celebrate with cake on Sunday before school heads back for the year.


January 28 | 1:43pm

The sleeping princess – well the pretending one…she wanted me to take a photo of her sleeping so here is today photo…she does a good job of making out to be asleep doesn’t she?


January 27 | 5:12pm

I call him my old soul, such a sentitive lad that wears his heart on his sleeve. His honesty in the way he thinks astounds me and his has such a complex way of thinking but that’s what I love about him.

Year 3 this year and turning nine next month…wow!